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December 21, 2007

FTP over SSL in SSIS

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We have implemented SSIS script task sample demonstrating FTP over SSL operations. It depends on FtpWebRequest for FTPS support and Script Task Plus for UI implementation. You may check it here

December 17, 2007

CozyRoc SSIS+ 1.2 Beta 2 Released

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We are announcing with great pleasure the release of CozyRoc 1.2 Beta 2. It includes one very cool new component called Data Flow Task Plus. As you may have guessed from the name, it is an extension of the standard Microsoft Data Flow Task. When we started planning for the next version, we determined there are places where SSIS framework can be improved. One of those places was the data flow task, with the inability to reuse the logic in it in other packages. What we determined was needed, sounded daunting at first and believe me, our accomplishment so far is nothing short of amazing. What this new component is now giving you is the ability to componentize and reuse your data flow logic in other packages and lets you keep track of the changes separate from specific package. In addition to that we have implemented a customizable user interface for your data flow, so when you decide to distribute your shiny-dandy data flows to other users, they will not be required to check what is going inside, but just point-and-click the parameters to setup the task for the new job. Now you will probably realize how important were the Data Flow Source and Data Flow Destination components to allow complete abstraction of your data flows from specific package and achieve top performance.

This release includes also the following major changes:

  • SSH Connection Manager component.
    • Fixed connection manager. Sometimes it failed with ‘Value cannot be null’, when working against freeftpd server.
  • Script Task Plus component.
    • Implemented to initialize script from task-scoped SSIS variables. The new approach is better suited for package configuration. ScriptInit property should not be used and is depreciated.

This new version is great news and great holiday gift for powerful SSIS users and we will be glad to hear your opinion about it. Gives us a shout and let us know what you like and what else do you think is needed. The release is available for download here.

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